Sunday, November 8, 2015

One Flowerpot

Recently out of the kiln: a pot created for one of my African violet plants (Saintpaulia).

Pot and saucer were handthrown on a potter's wheel.  Clay used is a cone 8 buff-colored stoneware; and the glaze is my version of tenmoku, the classic old dark iron-brown glaze of Japan and China.  I use a single fire sequence with this glaze, e.g. the piece is glazed in the raw clay stage, then fired slowly to full temperature, roughly 1249 C.
The pot was designed with a deep foot to hold the plant up out of the drained water, and it has notches in the foot to further facilitate drainage.  As you can see, the violet in question is growing rapidly and was very much in need of a new pot!


  1. I love your pot, and the choice of glaze is perfect for future flowers !!
    I have no luck with African violets, the rainy season cause havoc among the young plants and in the interior do not have enough light ...
    I live in a place with high humidity :)
    Hugs Amy.

    1. Yes, I hope the plant flowers again nicely as the blue and white blooms will be just right (I hope!) Some of my African violets grow well, and others don't; but I think they enjoy the warmth indoors here ;-) Each place is different!
      Hugs, dear friend!