Tuesday, November 3, 2015

First out of the Kiln...

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Here are some pieces from last week's firing.

For reference, the largest is about 7.25 in high (18.5 cm).  All are unglazed.

The three pieces on the left are from my first attempts at making coiled forms, using methods gleaned from traditional New World pottery.  The piece on the far right is a purely sculptural work (unusual for me) made for my sister; it was wheel-thrown (completely closed), then cut open to create the flared hood.
handmaker's world, the handmader, pottery, amy myers, sarah myers
Photo by Sarah Myers, Copyright (C) Sarah Myers.  Used by permission.
Happily, everything came through the fire quite well, including some test tiles with a brief experiment using pumice, red clay, and calcium borate.  Tile #2 shows promise as an engobe...

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