Monday, September 7, 2015

Introducing the Handmaker's World

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Rather than begin this blog with a sense of starting in the middle, I thought perhaps I should explain a little.

For years I have made things with my hands: pottery and textiles in particular, but also the occasional foray into leathercraft and jewelry and various other materials.  And certainly food!  More recently I have produced a good deal of digital work and been happy with the results.  But it is time to return to an emphasis on what I love best - handwork.

For me, it is a world of wonder.

The making of things with my fingers and mind.

Watching a tangible object come into being beneath my hands.

Working with the raw materials that untold millenia of human beings have used: clay, wool, cotton, leather, silver.  The thrill of making a new world around me from elements and techniques developed over many generations.

So this blog is a window into that little world of marvels.  I hope you will enjoy it!

To those of you who have kindly followed me this far from other platforms and other blogs, I will explain a little further.  Some months ago I started the Journal of a Thousand Things, hoping it would be a good way to share some of my material not associated with photography or my desert garden.  Instead, it proved to be the proverbial catch-all, especially since I often gave no background on what I posted.  The Journal will probably continue as primarily a photography blog, and the Small, Sunny Garden will most certainly continue as part of my gardening adventure.  But it is here in the Handmaker's World that I will be pursuing my love of creating.  And here I can give the necessary background to my work as I go along, so I hope it will be more enjoyable to the reader.

A new blog, a new world as I begin to focus intensely once more on handmaking and the life it creates.


  1. Congratulations on this new publication is a great idea to share your handmade works.
    I like "Journal of a Thousand Things", I always find interesting posts and gives me a new perspective on Amy, in her role as an artist ...
    I wish you luck with "The Handmaker's World", I've already subscribed ;-)
    A big hug.

    1. I was so happy to see your kind comments, Belén - so encouraging!! I think I will be more relaxed sharing the handwork here on a blog made just for that, and I am sure that the Journal will continue as well with such encouragement... :) Big hugs for you!!

  2. I think it makes sense to use different sites to support your diverse interests, Amy. I've seen your wonderful pottery now and again but it's nice to the see the range associated with your handicrafts.

    1. Thanks so much, Kris! This is one case where I think three blogs may keep things more streamlined than one... I've really appreciated the encouragement I've received on the pottery from the garden blog; it's helped me decide to try this project as well :)

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